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Sound absorption

Sound absorbing materials convert the energy of sound into warmth. The sound then actually disappears in the material. Sound absorbing materials have an open structure for this purpose. Depending on the type and thickness of the material, a part of the sound will be reflected. The installation of a sound absorbing material reduces the sound.

Good sound absorption in a room or space makes it pleasant and comfortable. Sound absorption in machines and housings reduces the sound that is radiated. This creates surroundings in which people can concentrate and work productively, without the stress and the irritation caused by too much noise.

ATIS delivers an extensive range of products and solutions in the area of sound absorption, which enable every installation, machine or vehicle to be made more silent. ATIS provides high-quality solutions, because the quality of the materials used determines the degree to which sound is absorbed.

For specific applications, ATIS can provide a combination of materials. These have excellent sound absorption qualities as well as being heat resistant, fire safe, and humidity and dirt resistant.