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About us

Creating acoustical comfort by effectively reducing noise

StilteUnder the brand name ATIS® IPCOM brings a complete range of acoustic materials and components to the market. The type of material or component used to achieve the best solution for your application depends on various factors. With a broad range of acoustic materials and components IPCOM can solve almost any noise problem.  In the range of acoustical materials and components IPCOM delivers products for, sound-insulation, sound-absorbing, anti-drumming, anti-vibration and room acoustics.

IPCOM provides innovative acoustic solutions for:

  • Pipes
  • Ducts 
  • Enclosures
  • Guards
  • Vehicles
  • Ships and yachts
  • Machines
  • Air treatment

Producer and distributor

Besides its own ATIS® range IPCOM is an international distributor of systems and solutions from leading manufacturers. IPCOM offers a complete product range, which provide solutions to all questions relating to noise reduction and creating acoustical comfort.

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